Friday, December 2, 2016

Communicate In Love

I created this graphic a couple of weeks ago and put it on my social media. I'm so struck by the tone of our collective voices in this country lately.

There has been so much hate, anger, fear, concern - and rightly so in most cases. But yelling and violence isn't the answer to hate, anger or fear; I think it just adds to it.

Paul - you know Paul. Paul was a persecutor of Christians, he held coats while others stoned Christians. He called himself zealous and approved of it all!

That Paul. He tells us to speak truth in love.


OK, so something that is truth to you may not be truth to me. I'm thinking social-issue or politics-wise. What I believe to be true about something like abortion, is going to be different than what another believes. And we both believe we are speaking truth. Yet, in the disagreement, why is there so much hatred flung at each other? Why is there never a civil conversation?

Why aren't we speaking in love?

Why aren't we listening (in love), instead of being so quick to point out why the other is wrong so we can make our point?

When we argue and hate, nobody's mind gets changed.

Disagree, but don't be disagreeable.

My husband and I have an acquaintance who is gay. We love him to pieces and he's always such a joy to be around. I saw the fear on his Facebook page after the election, and that's what really got me to thinking about the way we talk to people.

As someone who believes the way he lives his life is not God's best for him, how would it help him, or me, or we as a society, if we told him how horrible he is and condemned him? No! I feel motivated to have a conversation with him and find out what his fears are and what I, just one individual, can do to help him feel a little less fearful.

And honestly, I feel motivated to love on him more than we already do, because he's such a loving, great guy.

I know some are pretty devastated by the election results. But ask yourself what you can do to help bring a healing narrative to your corner of the world. Whether it's abortion, gay rights, racial issues or just plain fear, what can we do to help bring love?

What words can you say in love?

How can you bring peace or hope to the fearful ones around you?

I know this seems off the topic of health. But doesn't it help us tell a better story with our life if we take time to listen? To understand? To just love someone and speak love over them?

Let's allow God to do the judging. Jesus just requires us to love.

God wants us to grow up, to know the whole truth and tell it in love - like Christ in everything. Paul, Ephesians 4:15 [MSG]