Friday, September 30, 2016

You Being You Is Enough

I have a friend who is going through a really tough time right now. It seems as though the world is crashing in around her. I know the feeling - I've been there done that - but there is nothing I can do to help the situation. I do what I can to help her and let her know how much she is loved.

In an effort to show her how much we love her, a couple of us took her out to lunch. I chose a local place they hadn't been to yet.

When we were seated our server greeted us. In typical Ed-fashion, he asked the server what words of wisdom he had for us. This catches most people off-guard, but this guy was on top of his game! "I don't have any words of wisdom, but we have great coffee! Can I bring you some?"

It's rare that Ed is speechless, so my friend and I were already laughing as he sat with his mouth open and no response!

We had a fabulous time at Anna's House (please go there if you live locally!) and Tim was one of the best servers I've ever had! We laughed - a lot!

We were amazed at how God placed us in that restaurant, on that day, at that time, with that server, who was perfect for what we needed - lots of laughter!

A few days later as I was thinking about Tim and the timing of that day, I was still amazed at how God arranged it all.

I thought to myself how Tim, being Tim, was all we needed. He didn't have to perform or do something perfect. He didn't have to do something he wasn't good at to be great. He didn't have to put on a front to be a blessing. Tim, being Tim, bantering and joking, was exactly perfect for us in that moment.

I'm asking you to remember that for yourself: You being you is enough.

It's perfect. It's exactly what someone needs at the location and time you meet them. Use what you're good at to bless others and that will be enough. Don't perform, don't strive, don't even be perfect - just be you, and that will be enough.