Friday, April 21, 2017

My 14 Completely Different Outfits (And Why I May Go Capsule)

Everything to the right of the green hanger is acceptable for spring. The rest is "back up" for now. Camis, tanks, sweaters, tops.

I remember sitting in my bedroom when I was 10 or 11-years-old, making a list of the outfits I could wear so I didn’t have to wear the same outfit twice in one week. As I got older (like high school), that list expanded to two weeks.

Be seen wearing the same article of clothing two days in a row?! Never!

I think I’ve lived most of my adult life with the two-week, 14 outfit, self-imposed rule. My closet is jammed full of clothes; most of which I do wear, and a lot I don’t.

Well, those that I don’t were eliminated last week.

A couple of years ago when I discovered Joshua Becker and the minimalist movement, I heard about Project 333 - having only 33 pieces of clothing in your closet for a three month period - the four seasons.

The idea is to rotate out the pieces that don’t belong in the current season; store them or get rid of them. Then you’re left with the items to mix and match to create different outfits over the next three months.

Lately I’ve been reading and watching YouTube videos about capsule wardrobes. (Links below.) Some people have up to 37 pieces, some have 50 or more. Items include pants, skirts, dresses, sweaters, layering pieces, shoes, coats, jackets. Accessories, pajamas, workout clothing, or “home” clothing (things used for sitting around the house or working in the yard) don’t count toward the capsule.

With this in mind I cleaned out my closet. I took out everything I no longer wear, no longer fits, no longer like or feel good in, and put it in a pile. When I was done I washed and dried the pile and dropped it off at Goodwill.

[That felt SO GOOD! It was amazing how it felt like a lifted weight!]

I took out the heavy winter items and some fall items and put them in another closet since I won’t use them for a few months.

Left in my closet now are things I love, are comfortable and I feel good in. I’m a long way from even 50 items (probably around 100), but all of it is useful and I know I can grab anything in there and be happy.

Last Saturday morning I took it a step farther. (I really want to try the capsule wardrobe, but just not sure I can do it. That’s a long way from 14 completely different outfits in a two-week period!)

After a week of paying attention to the things I pull out to wear, I counted out 33 pieces and hung them together at the front. (Along with 5 pair of shoes.) The rest of my items are still in the closet for “just in case”, divided by green hangers, to see what items I may still need along the way. Trial and error with a new system, especially as we transition from highs in the low 50s to highs in the upper 70s, so I don’t want to go too crazy cleaning everything out just yet!

Everything to the left of the green hanger is ok to wear. Jeans, dresses, leggings.

Currently in my closet are:
2 sleeveless turtlenecks (gray, pink)
4 pair of jeans
2 leggings (to go with the dresses)
3 dresses
1 pair gray dress pants
2 camis (black, white)
4 tanks (black, white, pink, teal)
7 sweaters (includes long and 3/4 sleeves)
2 long sleeve tees (gray, lavender)
4 tops
1 lightweight gray hoodie
5 pair of shoes (flats in black, silver, leopard print; heels in black, pink)

Why did I take the picture from this angle? Sorry!

I’m not sure I have enough short sleeve summer tops, and maybe too many sweaters, but I’ll adjust if needed.

I also noticed my go-to colors are black, gray and pink.

Project 333’s guidelines are to inventory your wardrobe at the beginning of each season to see what you may need to include, then shop (just once per season) for those things so you have them.

After cleaning my closet (and having lost weight this past year) I discovered I need to get a pair of black dress pants (everything goes with them!) and I could use a black cardigan for fall and winter. Also on my wish list is a trench coat, either white or stone. They look so great with jeans or for dressing up.

So what do you think? Have you heard of the capsule wardrobe or Project 333? Are you up for the minimizing challenge? Are you at least motivated to go clean out your closet now? Leave a comment and let me know what you think about the capsule wardrobe movement.

Here are links to a few places I’ve found about the capsule wardrobe, how to create one, and even a worksheet on how to get started and find your style.

Project 333
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Capsule Wardrobe Worksheet (from Un-Fancy) (Awesome resource!) (PDF)
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