Monday, May 24, 2010

Oatmeal and a History

The temperature this morning is 68 and humid. Odd that I picked today to make oatmeal for breakfast!

I went to a cooking class at Doc's office last week and Tina introduced us to a yummy version of oatmeal...steel cut oats, buckwheat groat, apples, coconut and a few other things and cook it overnight in the crock pot.

My husband usually makes a batch of steel cut oats on Sunday nights to have for his breakfast during the week, so I decided I would make Tina's version for him this week. Absolutely fabulous! But I question why I'm eating hot cereal on a hot morning. I think I'll go back to my Ultra Meal smoothies the rest of this week and save the oatmeal for cooler weather!

This morning I am headed out to do my second health history consultation. I'm meeting one of my best friends from junior high! It's been 30 years since I've seen her and I'm so excited that she agreed to help me!

While classes at IIN don't start until August, there are 15 "Fundamentals" for us to work on now. One of the homework assignments for the Fundamentals is to get 3 - 5 health histories. Health histories will eventually become the basis for my business as a health counselor, so I need lots of practice.

I was a wedding coordinator for 10 years, and meeting with my first "guinea pig" last week reminded me of how much the health history consultation is like meeting with brides. Talking, asking questions, making them feel comfortable and hopefully leaving them with a sense of security about how things will go. (Wedding Day vs. Future Health)

What one thing will you change today to create a better health history for yourself?