Monday, August 2, 2010

School's In!

Today was the first official day of class. It's good to be moving forward and feeling like something is being accomplished.

But it's too easy!

I'm sure that complaint won't last for long! Remind me of that when I have to say 'no' to events in November because I have to study!

The first day or two of school is always the easiest because that's when teachers go over classroom policy, general rules for the year, and give an easy assignment to get ya started.

I listened to about 20 minutes worth of introduction and had to write out my 'Intention' for the year. What I hope to learn, where I want my focus to be, and what I want to do with that knowledge in the future. It did seem like an easy enough assignment and I knocked it out in about a half hour. I was reasonably pleased with my answer until I started to read some of the others that were posted. Now all kinds of thoughts are coming to mind - intentions I think I should add or be more specific on. I could almost rewrite the entire thing!

But I am happy with my answer and will leave it posted on the forum the way it is because it does hit the basic point of what I want to do. And the point of the exercise was for me to be clear with ME and the more I think about it the clearer I am.

Basic point: Help women of all ages and income levels to eat healthy to prevent sickness.