Sunday, August 29, 2010

Creamy Peaches

(c) 2010, Kathy Fannon

It's been a long-standing tradition at our house that Sunday nights are fend-for-yourself dinner nights.  I don't really know why this started, but it's been that way for years.

Tonight I thought to myself, "I love Sunday nights.  I can eat my girlie food and nobody cares."  It's always a battle trying to balance my preferance for food with my husband and almost 17-year-old son's preferance for meat!  Or casseroles that involve creamed soup.  Bleck.

Here's what I had tonight that was so delicious, along with a few Cashew Clusters from Costco.  And the night isn't over...I'm sure I'll find something else to munch on while flipping back and forth between football and the Emmys.

I don't measure when I make things, so just eyeball it to what your taste is.

Creamy Peaches

    1 Red Haven peach, cut in bite size pieces
    Greek Yogurt
    Squirt of Raw Honey (Just because it's good
      for you, but the peaches are so sweet they
      don't need extra sweetener.)

I wanted ground ginger, but I'm out.  (Fresh grated would be fabulous!)  And I would definitely add more cloves next time.

Happy eating, girls!  (And maybe some men?)