Saturday, August 28, 2010

Black Bean with Pumpkin, Lime and Chipotle Soup

I saw pumpkins on a neighbor's front porch yesterday. Pumpkins! Are you kidding me? It's August! But fall is just around the corner and cooler weather will be on it's way soon.

After going to the farmer's market this morning and buying my usual extra peppers and peaches to freeze, I decided I should be thinking ahead and planning for winter ingredients, further than what I already have been.

I love soups because they are so incredibly easy to make and are packed with nutrition. They warm me on a cold day and are the ultimate comfort food. (I think the best time to eat soup is on a cold, rainy Saturday while watching a college football game!)

This afternoon I've been doing some digging on the internet for new soup recipes. After I found a few to try, along with some old favorites, I will take note of the ingredients and stock up from my local farmer where I can. It seems like most recipes call for onions and tomatoes. I have lots of onions frozen already and am going to try my hand at roasting tomatoes to use for sauces or soups.

I came across my very most favorite soup recipe and wanted to share it with you before I forget. I know, it's going to be 90 degrees and humid this week, but store this one away for later. I promise, you will not be sorry.

For this Black Bean with Pumpkin, Lime and Chipotle, I will use onion and pumpkin from the farmer's market. (Pumpkin is easy to freeze and will last quite awhile.) And if my tomatoes turn out the way I hope, I will use them as well.

PS: My tomato sauce was fabulous!
Happy eating!