Saturday, January 29, 2011

Guest Blogger: Trenda

My gorgeous friend, Trenda

I met Trenda on the internet about 5 years ago. We’re both freaky Michael Waltrip fans and met on his forum on and have been friends ever since.

Trenda has been on a health and weight loss journey, doing some of the yo-yo dieting that so many try, along with the roller coaster of emotions.

Friday, thanks to Skype, I actually spoke with my friend for the first time! She has been incredibly supportive of my dream to be a health coach so naturally we talked about what I’m doing and about what she’s doing and the similar fears and struggles we both share.

Trenda struggles with weight in a way that I never have and as she was telling me about some of the issues she faces, I realized she has something to say to the world. She understands weight issues in a way that I don’t.

You may have read my post from earlier this week about how I felt at my top weight of 149 pounds, but I think I mostly struggled with making poor food choices. There are some lovely women who have deeper emotional concerns that lead to weight gain that I just cannot relate to.

So I asked Trenda if she would write a post for my blog, including some of the things we talked about. I think my readers are health-minded, but I’m sure someone will need to read what my precious friend has to say.

Monday I will post, “Tear All the Walls Down” from Trenda. I hope you are inspired by what she has to say. (I know I am!) She once again finds herself at the beginning of her journey, but I believe this time she’s making a permanent change. She’s a fighter and she doesn’t quit, so I KNOW she can do this!

And so can YOU!

It’s my hope that Trenda will share her journey from time to time, and that you will be encouraged by her.

She's been married for 13 years and is a fabulous stay-at-home mom with 3 adorable children, ages 8 to 17.

Be sure to check back on Monday!