Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rainbow Lunch

(c) 5/22/11, Kathy Fannon
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On Sundays the men of my house (my husband and son) like Subway. For nearly 20 years we ate at Subway on Sundays, but with my new healthy lifestyle I just don't even enjoy it anymore. (Even when my Sandwich Queen daughter is working!)

So while the guys are gone to get their Subway, I usually make an omelet for me. 

I have to say right here...whoever decided that cooking takes too long is wrong. In the time it takes me to prepare veggies, saute' them and make my omelet, the guys go to Subway, stand in line, order and come home. We all sit down at the table at the same time. No extra cooking time and my lunch is so much more nutritious than theirs. Anyway...

Last Sunday I wasn't feeling well and found fruit and veggies in the fridge to eat raw instead. I had just gotten fresh hummus (Sabra Roasted Pine Nut) at the store, so I had 1/4 cup with my veggies.

When we sat down to eat I looked at my plates and did the "Roy G Biv" thing in my head. I learned it in 7th grade science class - Mrs. Thayer. (I don't know...just one of those things that stuck.) Red tomatoes and watermelon, orange carrots, yellow pineapple, green peppers, blueberries, and "violet" grapes.

THIS is what eating a rainbow should look like! And THIS is what eating healthy to lose weight and be healthy should look like!

I'm disappointed with the quality of this picture, but I did only use my cell phone. But I'm still excited to share it with you, and I was stuffed when I finished this.

What can you do this week to get the colors of the rainbow into your diet? Skittles and M&M's don't work, I apologize. But I PROMISE, if you visit your local farmer's market this week, you'll find some REAL, AMAZING colors to eat!