Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Once A Mom, Always A Mom

My son, May 2006

This morning as a I got in my mini van at the local grocery store, a mini van pulled into the spot next to me. A young mom got out, opened the slider door and unbuckled her little man. He was probably about 2-years-old. I smiled as I watched them walk hand-in-hand into the store, remembering the days when it was me walking with my little man.

As I pulled out of my spot, I noticed another mom getting her little girl out of the back of a mini van. I always loved those days of shopping with my kids; such fun.

I thought about how I have been driving a mini van since just after the birth of my son, almost 18 years. I have always loved my mini van and never have wanted to go back to driving a car. But lately I've been feeling like it's time to give up the mini van. My son will be 18 next month and drives himself most places he needs to go and I just don't need a vehicle that size anymore. It's time for me to move into the next phase of life...with a crossover vehicle!

I'm thinking something like an Enclave, Equinox, or a Journey would be really nice.

I went on about my errands this morning, driving around town. I got sick of the playlist on my iPod and looked for something different. I was close to home so it didn't matter what I chose, I just needed something for five more minutes.

Since I was driving I didn't want to spend a lot of time scrolling through my 3700+ songs, so I hit the "Playlists" tab. I scrolled through and saw the one with my son's name on it - songs I have because he played them and I like them. Quickly having to scroll to something so I could keep my eyes on the road I found one. Here it is: "Big and Chunky" from Madagascar!

I had to laugh at myself! I want to move into the next phase of vehicle driving because my kids are grown, but I'm still listening to music from animated movies!

How about you? What phase of life are you in? Are you ready to give up the mini van or looking to get one? Do you like songs from animated movies? (We do!) Leave your thoughts and comments below...and share your favorite movie song!

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