Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Son!

September 24, 1993

Look at that face! Isn't he cute? Eighteen years ago tomorrow, I gave birth to this handsome baby boy!

He has brought us 18 years of laughter because he views the world with a light heart and a goofy sense of humor. Things most people don't find funny, or at best groan at, will have my son rolling on floor (literally) with laughter. Movies, TV shows, even commercials are all made funnier when watching with him.

He loves music! He's an AMAZING guitarist and rocks the house! He's written his own songs and recorded them with the help of his guitar teacher. He's also an excellent trumpet player.

His taste in music is diverse. I think most of all he loves soundtracks from movies and video games and listens to them often on his iPod. I'll catch him listening to music by Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Steve Jablonsky, Ramin Djawadi, Danny Elfman and others. He listens to Buckethead and Trace Bundy. But he also likes Christian rap, classic rock, and alternative. [Don't recognize those names? Check the links, you will definitely know their work!]

He graduates high school next spring and is planning to go to college for audio production. He's hoping to get a gig in the music industry. While extremely proud of my baby, I lament the fact he could be moving very far away one day. But I fully support him going after his dream and making it happen. He will be awesome at whatever he does and will certainly be fun and entertaining for people around him to work with!

My daughter took his senior pictures last weekend, so I wanted to share a couple of those with you. Isn't he a handsome dude?!

(I know, right? SO embarrassing!) 

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