Friday, January 30, 2015

You Can Eat Cake

It's hard to believe it's been almost 5 years since I started my health coach training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition!

I remember my classmates and I getting a head start on the training modules by reading through some of the diet theories. We studied over 100 of them!

Almost every one of them boiled down to eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water and exercising. Of course, there are as many variables to that as there are people.

But I think for most of us, our favorite diet theory was the 90/10 diet.

This diet theory was the idea of IIN founder, Joshua Rosenthal. The premise is that if you eat healthy 90% of the time, it's ok to "be bad" the other 10%.

This was such a relief to me because I LOVE Costco cake, and I will fight you for the corner piece with all the frosting! And while I may feel bad for bruising you as I push you out of my way for that piece, I don't have to feel bad for eating it. Because 10%!

This is a great theory to follow at birthday parties, graduation parties, anniversary parties (OK, anywhere there's cake!). But also at Thanksgiving and Christmastime when we're eating all the sugar and pasta and goodies, or at a cookout in the summer with the extended family.

Or even in the everyday, maybe lunch with our best friend or dinner with the parents, when a dessert can be shared by all as a special treat.

Don't deprive yourself. 90/10 is about living life and enjoying it.

Be mindful of your vegetable, water, and protein intake, but on those special occasions when the "bad" food is there, eat it. Because you're with people you love, and that's part of health too - being with ones you love.

And cake!

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