Friday, March 6, 2015

Take Time: Learn

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Learn something new.

Those can be scary words, and ever scarier to step out and actually learn something new.

But by learning something new, you'll keep your mind sharp, promote feelings of well-being and improve your self-esteem.

A great way to boost your self-confidence is to learn something new: a skill or craft. Or maybe there's a topic you've wanted to learn more about but haven't taken the time for: social media, health, politics, prayer, an app on your phone.

Here are 6 reasons to learn something new:

Helps Develop Natural Abilities
You may already have a natural gift in a certain area, but by reading a book or taking a course you will be able to better develop your talent. (i.e.: writing, drawing, playing an instrument, public speaking)

Increases Our Wisdom
It's good to exercise our brains by increasing our knowledge. Don't feel like you have to learn everything all at once, but learn what you can about your area of interest.

Gives Meaning to Life
Learning new skills or hobbies will give a greater depth of meaning to your life. What you learn can be shared with the world to bring happiness and joy to others, and that will bring a sense of purpose to you! (i.e.: art, poetry, baking, music, etc)

Meet New People
If you take classes, join a group or become part of an online community, you will establish new relationships. It’s great to meet new people, especially ones who share a common interest, as it deepens the bonding experience and helps us all grow in our knowledge of a particular subject.

The more you know the more confident you will feel about yourself. Learning will help you improve at your job or make you better at your skill, giving you the confidence to enjoy it more and talk about it with others.

The more you learn the more you'll be motivated to learn more, meet more new people, go new places. It may even be as simple as giving you a reason to get out of bed in the morning!

Has there been something new you've wanted to learn? I'd love to hear from you!

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