Friday, July 3, 2015

Take Time: Make Memories

Photo: Bobbie and Me, June 2014

In his book  Moment Maker, Carlos Whittaker says: Life happens in moments, and if we aren't paying attention, we will miss what they are really all about.

There are memory-making moments around us every day, whether we choose to see them or not is up to us. If we take opportunity with the moments God gives us, we will create beautiful memories.

And memories are the substance of life.

I have a sweet friend, Bobbie. We aren't of the same background, we don't dress anything alike, we don't live the same kind of lifestyle, but Bobbie is one of the sweetest women I know and I love her almost more than anybody.

Recently Bobbie broke her hip. 

Before I had time to visit her in the hospital our pastor went to see her. He came back and told me that she said, "I love the people at our church, but I love Kathy the most."

Moment right there! I cannot tell you what that meant to me! (I also knew I had better make a beeline to the hospital to see my girl!)

When I got to Bobbie's room she was at an appointment. I waited. When she was wheeled around the corner and saw me her face lit up! She was excited to see me.

I don't say this to brag about myself. I tell you this because I made a memory for Bobbie. I took time to show her how much I care and it meant something to her. 

How many times do we get busy doing our tasks that we forget to take time to make memories with people who mean the most to us?

Moments and memories don't have to be big deals. It's the little things that are special.

  • Send a card for no reason
  • Play games with the family
  • Visit someone in the hospital
  • Stop at the funeral home to pay respects
  • Bake cookies for an elderly neighbor
  • Take grandkids to the zoo
  • Read a book to a child
  • Have a coffee or lunch date with friends
  • Send flowers to someone you love
  • Pay for someone's meal at a restaurant - anonymously
  • Buy coffee for the people in line behind you
  • Recognize your waitress as a person, talk with her, leave a generous tip
  • Talk to strangers - they may just need to know someone cares
  • Meet someone's needs
  • Thank a military person for their sacrifice

The list is limitless. 

Take time to make memories. That’s where life happens.

In what ways can you think of to create memories?

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