Friday, October 28, 2016

Do You Need A Reason

…not to eat a gallon of ice cream?

…not to eat a whole bag of potato chips?

…not to eat a dozen chocolate chip cookies?

…not to eat a whole pizza?

…not to eat the whole pan of brownies?

…not to sabotage your efforts toward health?

Here are 9 reasons!

Because You Are…

OK, so you're no Audrey Hepburn. Neither am I. But I believe all women are beautiful in their own way. Whether you're skinny, pudgy, have long hair or short, wear glasses or not, dress in styles from Michael Kors or Wal-Mart, every woman has beauty. And the beauty of that is - God made us all different so we can reflect His glory in different - beautiful - ways!

I'm not college-educated; a fact I have lamented the past 30+ years. But I'm smart. I raised two amazing (crazy!) children. I know how to keep a household budget. I know about health and nutrition. I don't need fancy degrees or education to be smart. Neither do you! What are you good at?

You have endured deep pain, many trials and heartache. Things haven't always gone the way you think they should. Maybe you have even questioned God about why He let things happen. But in the end, you have overcome. You survived what you thought was un-survivable. You are victorious and know God to be faithful.

There's no one like you. Anywhere. Ever. You can do things nobody else can do.

A Treasure
You make people smile. They are blessed when you use your gifts to serve others. They look forward to you being in the room with them because they always feel better when you part ways.

You have value. You are important. Not because of anything you do or say, but just because you are.

God loves you. God even LIKES you. The people in your life love you. Your words are always comforting and encouraging.

We need you! You are a friend to many. You make us laugh. You challenge us to be better people. You keep us accountable. You have things to teach us.

I want you. I like that you exist because you bless my life. I would miss you if you were gone and there would be a hole if you weren't here.

Maybe you read this list over and say, "Yeah, right. I'm not any of those things. Pass the Bubba size fries and a pan of brownies because I'm just not worth it."

Long-term mindsets are hard to let go of. They're hard to change. It takes time and it takes work. But I want to challenge you to begin today to make just a tiny little change. Because I believe with all my heart you are all of those things above, and more.

Weight loss and health can be a struggle to accomplish. Don't be discouraged and give up before you even try. Enlist the help of friends in your life to keep you accountable, someone who can challenge you, someone who will tell you - you're beautiful, smart, strong, special, a treasure, worthy, lovable, needed and wanted - until you actually start to believe it for yourself!

Is there anything I can do to help? Comment below, or feel free to email me. Because I just gave you 9 reasons to change! YOU ARE LOVED!