"Kathy not only taught me how to cook and eat healthy without feeling like I was depriving myself of the good stuff, she also took time to listen to my concerns about the journey. She made me feel like she was learning from me as I was learning from her. Most important she helped me believe this was more than eating healthy and working out, it was a journey of making me understand and believe that I was worth the effort. I wasn't just transforming my life style, I was transforming myself." Trenda L, Kansas

"You, my dear friend, inspired me to watch what I eat, look for healthier alternatives, lose that pesky 10 pounds (by cutting portions, eating salad and cutting junk) and to check labels. You helped me come up with a game plan and got me started on a healthier journey." Kathy B, Louisiana

"Hello beautiful friend! Three weeks of vegan! I have lost a shoe size, and my knuckles all look normal like my hands went back ten years in time. No acid reflux, not hungry, feeling a power over my food instead of it over me, and actually feeling grateful to my food for feeding me - not hating it. Hard side is that this is a lot of work while working and being a mom, but in the end I have to believe that it will make it easier for me because I will be healthy! You set such a great example." Jen L, Canada