Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Breakfast Experiment - Day 3 (Eggs)

Do you eat a lot of beef?  You may be slow and lumbering.  Do you eat a lot of chicken?  You may be high-strung and 'flighty'.  One thing we've learned at Integrative Nutrition is that we tend to take on the characteristics of the food we eat.

I laughed when I realized what was going on at my house this morning and how 'food energetics' was in play.

My son's alarm didn't go off so he got up late.  I told him I didn't have time to take him to school this morning so he needed to move it.  He missed the bus by about 30 seconds.  He told me he'd try to catch it when it came back around at another stop, but I didn't have confidence he'd make it there in time.  I was right.

So I had to figure out how I was going to be ready to go to get him to school and make my appointment.  Oh yeah, and day 3 experiment is eggs.

I'd prefer hard boiled eggs, but I know that would take about 25 minutes just to cook them and I didn't have that kind of time, but I did have time to scramble them.

I threw a little frozen onion in the pan while I whipped up two eggs with sea salt, pepper and my normal favorite spice, Baharat.

I discovered that while I love Baharat at night with omelets or chicken, it is not a spice I need to use in the morning.

Two eggs did not fill me and left a bad after-taste.  Whether that was from the eggs, the spice or the onion - or even a combination - I don't know.  I would've enjoyed hard boiled with dill much better, I think.

At 7:30 I ate my eggs in haste so I could get my son out the door.  I drove a little faster than normal and felt quite rushed.  I was irritated that my son missed the bus today, of all days, and he got to school with about 1 minute to spare.  I wrote a note just in case.

Then I thought of the chicken.  How like a chicken was I this morning, hurrying, rushing and pushing the speed limit?!

On the way to my appointment all I could think about was the bad taste in my mouth and how I couldn't wait to eat something to get rid of it.  An hour after eating my stomach was flip-flopping and I was hungry.

At the two-hour mark, I was in a meeting and didn't pay attention to how I felt, but I was hungry.

Scrambled eggs for breakfast is not for me.  Although, last summer there were mornings when I had 2 hard boiled eggs with an ounce of almonds and some dried apricots and it was quite satisfying.

Are you an eggs-in-the-morning type of person?  How do you like to eat them?