Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Breakfast Experiment - Days 1 (Oatmeal) and 2 (Muffin)

Integrative Nutrition, the school I'm taking classes from, encourages us to try a breakfast experiment.  I've looked at it and thought about it since the summer, but haven't done it.  My doctor has me on a medical shake in the morning that I make with frozen fruit and I'm quite happy with that.  But after talking with my health coach yesterday morning, who encouraged me to do the experiment, I decided to give it a try.  I will report here for the next few days what I discover.  (It's a 7 day experiment.)

I will be paying attention to how I feel right after eating and again two hours later, energy level, mood and any physical symptoms.

Day 1 was Monday.  I already had my Coconut Multi-Grain Crockpot Oatmeal in the morning, so I decided I'd just start with that since oatmeal is part of the experiment.

I ate about 7:30 and right after eating I felt very satisfied, almost stuffed.  I wasn't hungry, nor did I crave anything else for hours.  Two hours later I was busy and didn't even think about being hungry.  My mood was content and my stomach growled about 10:30, which was great because it was time to eat again anyway.  (I try to eat small amounts every 2 1/2 to 3 hours.) 

(c) 2010, Kathy Fannon

Day 2 is today.  Muffin and coffee are on the list so while I was out yesterday I bought a muffin from the grocery store bakery.  I opted for the store bought as opposed to the Quinoa Muffin I have in the freezer since that is what the average American would choose.  (Full disclosure, I have coffee every day, just one cup when I get up.)

I had my cranberry orange muffin about 7:30.  It was way too sweet for me and not filling at all, even though it was a larger than average size.  Thirty minutes later I was still hungry and felt a little shaky, but I needed to leave so I didn't have time to find other food.  At 9:00, not quite two hours later my stomach was growling and I felt sluggish and still somewhat shaky.

I'm looking forward to day 3 when I'll have eggs.

Have you ever tried a similar experiment to see what works for you in the morning?  What is your favorite breakfast to get you going for the day?