Thursday, December 8, 2011

Review: "Good and Easy Eats" by Kim Wilson

Good and Easy Eats: A Wholesome Collection of Everyday Favorites by Kim Wilson

I could’ve done that!

As a health coach and blogger I was asked to read and review Kim Wilson’s new e-cookbook, Good and Easy Eats: A Wholesome Collection of Everyday Favorites. While reading this simple-to-use-and-understand book I thought about how easy it would’ve been for me to put together such a great cookbook.

Many of Kim’s recipes are things I make, or variations on a theme; like fruit smoothies, rice and beans or black bean soup.

But she also includes recipes for things that I’ve never made, yet are easy to do. So why have I not made things like nut butter or coconut curry before?

She’s also challenged me to try new things, like sorghum flour and millet in recipes such as banana muffins or pizza crust. And I can’t wait to try her garlic sauce!

Kim has been eating a whole-foods diet for over 12 years, and you all know how I love that. Whole-foods is where it’s at, baby! So as I perused her book I was very excited to read her content. Her recipes are easy for the lazy cook (or maybe it's nicer to say busy cook?) and have, for the most part, normal ingredients. There are some things you’ll want to make a trip to the health food store for (like sorghum flour), but she also uses everyday ingredients like canned tomatoes, rice, nuts, and popcorn.

Kim covers every area of cooking for a week’s worth of recipes. She includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, dressings, snacks, weekend fare and even desserts!

Crave pizza? She’s got some great healthy ideas! Cookies? It’s in there! Macaroni and “Cheese”, Mexican, Italian and even biscuits and gravy! What?!

All of Kim’s recipes are dairy-, egg-, gluten-, wheat-, soy- and yeast-free. Very allergy friendly! Yet there is no sacrifice in giving up chocolate cake, whipped topping or pumpkin pie!

If you’ve been a regular reader of my blog, you know I think a whole-foods diet is very important. Maybe you’ve resisted changing or just don’t know how to begin with a lifestyle change. Good and Easy Eats would be a great place to start so you can maintain your everyday cooking yet learn how to incorporate healthier, economical alternatives.

Kim also teaches some cooking basics, tells you how to stock a basic pantry, gives baking tips and leaves you with a sample menu. She also provides links and information if you’re interested in juicing!

Kim is ready to launch her e-cookbook, Good and Easy Eats on December 10. As a gift to my readers, Kim has agreed to allow me to give away a free copy! How cool is that? The winner will be announced on the afternoon of December 12, so be sure to check back to see if you're a winner.

How to Win A Free Copy of Good and Easy Eats:

1. Leave a comment below telling me why you would like a copy of Kim’s e-cookbook.
2. Subscribe to this blog either via RSS feed or email.
3. “Like” the Be Real Facebook Page if you haven't already.
4. Tweet a link to this post and let others know they too can register to win.

If you can't wait to see if you've won the free copy and you’d like to purchase Good and Easy Eats, click here. The cost is only $4.99 and also includes a recipe demonstration video, Kim's exclusive meal planning system, the one-hour podcast: Introduction to Wholesome Eating, and more! Kim has lots of links throughout her book to help you dig deeper into some great information!

So, yeah, I could've written this book, but I didn't. And since Kim did such a fabulous job, I highly recommend it! It's a deal at twice the price! Now go tell your friends!

Note: I have not been compensated in any way by Kim to give my honest review of her book. 

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