Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dehydration Causes Stupidity

Well, at least it did for me.  Yesterday I was out of town all day.  I knew I'd be spending lots of time in the country away from public bathrooms, so I really didn't want to drink water.  That turned out to be a bad idea.

I got home around 4:00 and started dinner soon after. 

Last night was the annual Open House at the high school.  We walk through our childrens' schedule and spend 10 minutes in each classroom hearing about what the teachers have on the agenda for the year.

While waiting for one class to start I talked with a friend of mine who was drinking water.  It looked so good!  I was so thristy after not drinking all day, and still hadn't at dinner time.  My mouth was dry and I wanted something cold and wet really badly!

At 8:45 when the open house was over, we went to the football field to watch our son in the marching band's final run through for the night.

It's tradition to stop at the local gas station after band rehearsal.  I usually let my son get his 'poison' while I wait in the van.  But I wandered in and found myself with a 22oz cup in my hand.  I looked toward the cooler at the bottles of water and back to the fountain machine.  I justified my soda purchase by filling the cup with ice first, then poured in the Mountain Dew.

I took a few sips, paid for it, got in the van and already regretted my decision.  The bubbles felt good, but the sugary taste was too much.  I was glad it was mostly ice.

Lesson: Drink water.  If thirsty, don't be stupid...go for the water.  Do you see the ingredients in this stuff?  Ugh.

How do you do with drinking enough water?  What challenges do you encounter?