Monday, January 9, 2012

Important Announcement (Please Read)

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I've decided not to focus on starting a health coaching business. 

Did that get your attention?

It's true. I'm not. 

So what AM I going to do? And what about this blog? 

I'm going to maintain this blog but I'm not quite sure yet what it will look like. I will continue to post recipes, health tips and reviews just as I have been, but the frequency may be less often and the content slightly different.

I've spent many years wondering what my purpose is in life; aways looking for something great and fabulous to do to contribute to society. 

I've worked as a wedding coordinator, a secretary, an administrative assistant and volunteered in many ministries at church over the past twenty years. 

But each time I find myself back at home wondering what I'm supposed to be doing. What's the next job? Where is the next ministry opportunity? Where can I contribute to feel "important"?

In the spring of 2010 an opportunity came along for me to become a certified health coach. I've always had an interest in nutrition and was seeing a health coach myself at the time. I wanted to do what she was doing because it was interesting and she was helping people. 

I earned my certification in July of this past year, 2011. 

I loved that they taught us how to run a business and work for ourselves. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition gave us all the necessary forms, handouts and more to be successful. I had never thought of working for myself, but the idea sounded fun. 

Part way though the program my classmate (and good friend asked) me what I saw myself doing. Honestly, I saw myself working for a doctor, not myself. I discovered I'm not good at working for myself; I get too easily distracted. I can focus for awhile, but when I get up to go to the bathroom I end up letting the dog out, checking the mail, starting laundry, loading the dishwasher then looking for a snack. Before I know it an hour has passed and it takes a long time for me to get my head back into work. 

Thus, I find myself more productive when I work for somebody else. But at the moment there really aren't opportunities for health coaches to work in doctors' offices. 

And while this blog was supposed to be a tool to help me launch my health coaching business, it hasn't been very successful. I had one client at the beginning of last year, but there hasn't been an interest since. 

So once again I found myself wondering what "great" thing I'm supposed to do to contribute to society. 

I may have found my answer. 

A few months ago I added "The Legacy of Home" to my Google Reader. I read Mrs. White's posts here and there and thought how lovely that she likes to clean. 

A couple of weeks ago I really dug into her blog. I spent a couple of days bouncing around it and reading different posts. I loved it. She's so content and peaceful being at home and taking care of her family.

I learned that being a homemaker IS contributing to society. By being around for the kids when needed is a tremendous blessing and a honor that shouldn't be taken lightly. 

Society has taught women that being at home means you're lazy and selfish, among other things I'm sure.

But women who spend their time at home create a haven for their families. It's (hopefully) a peaceful, loving place for them to come to at the end of the day after being out in the world. It should be a place of refreshing and nourishment so they can feel loved and let go of their stress.

But how can they feel peace and let go of stress if there is so much work to be done if Mom works outside the home all day too? Dishes, laundry, vacuuming, starting dinner; it all leads to chaos if everybody has to help. 

I've decided, after reading Mrs. White's blog that I have found my purpose, and it's been right here all the time. 

While I don't like the term homemaker, and I definitely don't like housewife (I'm not married to my house), this is what I want to do. 

Yes, my youngest is about to graduate high school, but that doesn't mean I no longer need to create an environment of peace and love for my husband and children. The need is as great as ever. 

I'm blessed that my husband likes me at home. I've had a couple of job opportunities that would have taken me out of the house for second shift hours. Each time he's been supportive of whatever I wanted, but he always made it ok for me to stay home, too. I appreciate that about him. 

I recognize how blessed I am that I don't HAVE to get a job to help pay bills.

So I've decided that I will no longer feel guilty or unimportant for being at home. It's where my calling is. It is my full-time work and I gladly accept it. I don't care what society says, or even what my friends say. I am doing something great and I am contributing to society. I'm not lazy and I'm not selfish. Nor am I wasting my life.

Maybe someday God will see fit for me to have an "outside" job, but if not, I will be content at home.

So, while at one time this blog was a tool in helping me to promote my health coaching business, I will now just use it to share health and nutrition information. I would still like to have a ministry using my health coaching skills, so I haven't given up on that dream, but it will look different than what I thought when I first set out on this adventure. 

Thank you for being a faithful reader of this blog and I hope I continue to inspire and encourage you through it. I believe this also is my contribution to society. Health and nutrition are important and if I can help you eat and live a little bit better, then I've done my "job".

With my "new" adventure comes a new blog. I started Nostalgic Tour to be a place where I can share the things I love and that interest me, the things that go beyond health and nutrition. Please find me there and subscribe. I would love to stay connected with you!

And please check out Mrs. White's blog, The Legacy of Home.

Continue to Be Real!

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