Friday, April 24, 2015

Health Survey Results

Photo: Patrik Goethe

Thank you to everyone who participated in the health survey. Your responses are valuable to me and will help me to better serve you.

I want to share the results with you and would love to hear any feedback you have. Honestly, I was a little surprised (good and bad) at some of the responses.

This survey was very helpful to me and I will do these again in the future. Stay tuned so you can participate or sign up for my weekly email so you don't miss out!

Survey Results
89% are somewhat satisfied with their health

70% are not at all happy with their current weight

45% say exercise is very important to them

45% eat 3 - 4 servings of produce daily

32% eat 1-2 microwaveable or convenience meals per day

Only 26% drink over 50 ounces of water per day

36% are ages 46 - 55; 37% are 56 and over

75% are married

50% have children over 19-years-old living at home

Most appealing blog topics are:
Food/Nutrition: 84%
Recipe/How To: 68%
Spiritual Growth: 58%

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