Friday, June 19, 2015

Why You Need Help

I know, I know...the "windows" as my husband calls them. Hey, if you wore glasses in the 80s you were just as cool!

My husband and I celebrated our 30th anniversary this past week. He took the day off work and we had coffee at Starbucks, lunch in Holland, saw the King Tut exhibit  at the Grand Rapids Public Museum and had dinner in East Grand Rapids. 

During the day I thought about our wedding day and all of the days since - good and bad. 

We’ve had lots of good days, most days were just normal, average days, and we’ve had some bad, dark days.

I reflected on all of the help we had on our wedding day and all of the days since.

Some of those dark days required help. We had friends, pastors and leaders come along side us to help, to mentor, to teach and to help us grow.

We can't do marriage alone.

We can’t do life alone.

We need people to do life with. 

Do you have someone to do life with? Are you walking through some bad, dark days? Ask for help if you need it, there's no shame. People love to help.

Maybe you know of someone who needs help. Be the friend they can count on. Someone to love unconditionally, mentor and bring accountability to a hurting soul. 

You need help. 

We all  need help. 

None of us can - or were meant to - walk this life-journey alone. God created us to need each other.

Challenge: Think about an area where you need help (it doesn't have to be marriage) and decide who you can call on to do life with. Don’t let fear stop you - it’s a liar.

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