Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Fundamentals

My eyes hurt, my head is swimming and it's HOT in this house! I'm thinking the a/c needs to go on. It's so nice and cool in the mornings with the windows open, but late afternoon is so unbearable!

Of the 15 "Fundamentals" classes, I have completed....15 of them! Yay me! There are some exercies that are ongoing and some things I want to go back and listen to (or read) again, but for the most part I'm finished.

I was excited to find out the health history consultations I've already done count towards my required six for graduation. Only six? Why do they make that so easy, especially when the "warm-up" (oh, it's too hot to say that word)....when the practice homework says to do 3 - 5 consultations! It doesn't matter because I'm having so much fun doing them that I plan to do as many as I can. And since the health history consultation will be the base of my future business, I need all the practice I can get!

Anybody interested in helping me? Go to my website (not this blog) and look towards the bottom right for the health history form, fill it out and I'll be in touch!

Happy Memorial Day! Eat well!