Thursday, September 29, 2011

Think Small

(c) 8/2010, Kathy Fannon

“Yep, I’ve determined to think small. I don’t want to think medium and certainly not large! I’m trying to change my mindset and choosing to think small.”

I wrote those words 5 years ago in my attempts to lose weight. I knew I was gaining and had to do something to take control of it, and that’s what I came up with.

I had a habit of going out to eat and getting the medium or large size because I was hungry or it just sounded good. Medium fries? Yum! Venti Starbucks? Yeah, baby! But when I sat down to eat, I’d get half way through and think, “Why did I get all of this? I’ll never be able to finish it!” I’d start to get that pudgy feeling, but I didn’t want to waste good food, so I kept eating! And the crinkle cut fries at Culver’s were the BEST! I couldn’t throw those away.

But after eating everything I felt like I needed to roll my way out of the restaurant, my clothes didn’t fit right and I was uncomfortable until it all digested in my belly.

So, I was on a mission to think small BEFORE I orderedsmall fries, tall latte…and no more combo meals! No more ordering too much and then being sorry for it. I decided to order with my head and not my stomach. I didn’t want all the extra fat and calories, and maybe by thinking small, I’d GET small!

This plan worked for awhile, and I did lose a few pounds, but it was only when I made a commitment to eating real, whole-foods that I lost weight (40 pounds) and have been able to keep it off for the past 2 ½ years.

In an effort to Be Real with this post, I recognize not everybody eats a completely whole-foods diet. I’m not unaware that the majority of you will have lunch or dinner from a fast food chain sometime this week. I’m positive that somebody reading this will have processed food at some point today – even if it is a home cooked meal.

So here’s my challenge to you. THINK SMALL!

Think small before you order when you go out to eat. If going to a sit-down restaurant, determine ahead of time that half of your dish will come home for lunch the next day. If going to a fast-food joint, don’t “Bubba” size your fries.

Think in reasonable portion sizes.

  • Meat should be no more than the size of your palm; about 3 ounces.

We went out to eat for my son’s birthday last weekend and my mom wanted a hamburger. The only size on the menu was a HALF POUND! Are you kidding me? What woman wants a half pound of meat? (And I thought the third pound option was bad at another local place!) A half pound burger is enough for three people. This is why we have a weight problem in America.

But I digress.

  • Vegetables don’t need to be massive amounts – about one fist size is a serving. Try to get two of those. 

And really, French Fries do not count as a vegetable, but if you must, be careful of having too many. I KNOW they’re good, but moderation is key on this one.

  • Getting soda? (Or as we say in Michigan, pop.) Keep in mind that just a few years ago the large is what we now call a small. Again, don’t opt for the “Bubba” size. The aspartame or high-fructose corn syrup wreaks all kinds of havoc on your body. I get the need for the bubbles, so get the smallest size available. Even better (and cheaper) get water!

This is a huge topic (whoops, no pun intended there) that I would like to explore down the road. Portion sizes are out of control and I’d like to help you decide for yourself what is right for you. But for today, I just want you to…


What is your biggest challenge to thinking small?

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