Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We Are State Champs!

Family and relationships feed our health. Well, if they're good relationships, maybe not so much if they're bad. But I have a good relationship with my son and his sense of humor definitely feeds my health. Because of that I'll be blogging about him today from the perspective of a proud mama!

As you know, my son is a senior in high school. He's played trumpet since the 6th grade and loves marching band.

Every year we participate in invitationals in the fall, culminating in State and National Championships in November. Last Saturday was our state competition at Ford Field in Detroit.
 (c) 11/5/11, Kathy Fannon

After being beaten by our nemesis for the past six years, this year MY SON and the band brought home the state championship title in our Flight!

I am so excited and SO proud of my baby boy and all that he's done on the field. He's been committed, dedicated, worked hard, rehearsed from June to November for the past four years and has been a leader among his peers. I'm full of pride and respect for him.
My son and me at the celebration pep rally back at the high school Saturday night!

Thursday morning we will be headed to Indianapolis and Lucas Oil Stadium for Grand National Championships. We may make it semi-finals, but at that level there are so many amazing bands it's hard to guess. Really, being at Nationals is more about the experience. And it's a GREAT experience!

So I will probably be scarce around here until next week. I have lots of packing to do, driving plans to make, marching bands to watch and a son to cheer on as he ends his marching band career.

Wow, after 2 kids and eight years of marching band, this is it for us. Oh man, pass the Kleenex!

PS: The last time we won a state championship was my daughter's sophomore year of marching band. I'm so glad my son gets to experience the feeling too!

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