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Review: Kitchen 67: A Sizzling Grille

Kitchen 67

This past Saturday was "Small Business Saturday", promoting the support of local businesses. My husband and I love to support our local businesses and do so whenever we can. The majority of the time we eat out, it's at a local place, and I shop the local-owned stores as much as possible.

So while discussing where to eat Saturday afternoon I remembered a friend suggested a local place that just opened, so off we went.

Kitchen 67 just opened on the East Beltline at Knapp's Corners in Grand Rapids. Their website describes Kitchen 67 like this: 

  • Kitchen 67 Brann's Café is an innovative flex casual concept that will challenge the restaurant industry with high flavored food in a unique tech-forward design that will give a new meaning to dining out.

Anybody who lives in the Grand Rapids area is familiar with Brann's Steakhouse, started by John Brann, Senior. Kitchen 67 is a concept created by his grandson, Johnny Brann, Junior. The 67 in the name comes from 1967 when John Brann, Senior opened Brann's Steakhouse in Grand Rapids.

Part of that concept is the change of service style throughout the day. How cool is that? Why didn't somebody think of this before?

(Click images to enlarge.)

There are iPads at some booths, big-screen TVs (the Michigan/Ohio game was on when we were there, but not sure if they always broadcast sports), iTunes digital jukeboxes on iPods, free WIFI, and more. (Check out all the amazing technology and floor-plan here. Really...check it out, there's lots of cool stuff to discover!)

We arrived during lunch hours and were greeted by a hostess who handed us menus. She said we could order at the counter whenever we were ready, but could be seated first if we wanted to. We decided to find a place (wherever we wanted that time of day) and take our time looking over the menu.

I tried not to be creepy with my picture taking and there were people at tables around us, so I was only able to get this picture of seating. Not all tables had these leather chairs, but aren't they fun?

There are lots of tables for two, tables for 6, and booths. There are a couple of different sections, walled off from each other which made it very cozy. (And hard to take pictures.) It would be a great place to work or study as the atmosphere is warm and casual. 

When we were ready we went to the counter to order.

Hostess Stand and Ordering Counter

There are separate menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, vegetarian, gluten-free, 550 calories and under, and catering

Beverages included Pepsi products, Jones Soda, beer and wine, much of it from Michigan.

They also use as many local or Michigan products as they can. I'm always a fan of that!

My husband ordered the Jalapeño Pepper Jack Burger: pepper jack cheese, jalapeño bottle caps, sweet habanero sauce, chipotle mayo and lettuce.

I had a bite and it was very good. A nice combination of sweet and hot. The fries were also very delicious.

I had the Traverse City Salad: grilled chicken breast, dried cranberries, walnuts, onions, bleu cheese, tomatoes and a cherry vinaigrette dressing.

With the Brann's famous yeast roll!

It was good, but there was just a tad too much dressing for me, and it was very sweet. (I had sticky lips!) I would ask for it on the side next time so I have better control over the amount, or maybe even ask for the balsamic vinaigrette. I was also a bit disappointed there weren't more mixed greens, as it was mostly romaine and iceberg lettuce. Overall I liked it and would get it again. 

The lunch menu had a nice selection of salads, sandwiches, burgers, skewers & bowls, and entrees like the 6 oz sirloin and mac and cheese. Prices for everything seem to be in the $7 to $8 range.

The dinner menu includes the same as well as a larger selection of pasta, sides, appetizers and "small plates" (meatballs, wings, etc.). Prices range from about $6 to $16 (for the salmon), although most items fall around $11 or $12.

With all of the technology used, it's a good thing Kitchen 67 is connected with the Verizon store! (Which was a bonus, because I needed to go there too!)

Entering from the Verizon store, headed toward the entrance of Kitchen 67.

I've never been much of a Brann's fan, but we enjoyed our experience at Kitchen 67 and will definitely go back. The people were friendly and attentive, the food was good, and the atmosphere peaceful and enjoyable. It's a great place for a quick lunch, a coffee date, working or studying, and I imagine a nice casual dinner!

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