Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review: Good Life Granola

(c), 9/12/11, Kathy Fannon

I've recently gotten to know Mike from Good Life Granola, a local company. You know I’m all about that! I love to support local people and feed the local economy, along with knowing where my food comes from and who’s got their hands on it.

Besides, Mike’s just a cool dude.

If you read my blog with any regularity, you’ve seen me mention Good Life Granola before, but I thought I’d try a new flavor this week and share my thoughts about it with you.

Last weekend I got out of my “Original Blend” rut and bought a bag of “Apple Crisp Blend”. I’m typically not a fan of apple products, but heck, why not? (Apple products – capital A – different story!)  J

I like the tangy, apple “chew” along with the granola, and it’s fabulous mixed with my Greek yogurt and raw honey for a snack. Today I opted to leave the peaches out since I wanted to test the blend without competing flavors, but for tomorrow’s breakfast this is a definite winner!

Good Life Granola is a little pricey at $6.50 a bag, but it’s worth it. They use pure maple syrup (which is what I use in my coffee, so I’m good with that) and pecans (Original Blend), which have gone up in price considerably recently.

I like the simple ingredient list: oats, maple syrup, brown sugar, canola oil, almonds, apples (apples, sugar, rice flour, sunflower oil, ascorbic acid, citric acid), vanilla, sea salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice

I’ve learned – you get what you pay for, and this is definitely worth what I pay.

One bag lasts me about a week for my breakfast and sometimes an afternoon snack. Although with the temperatures cooling down, I will probably be looking for a warmer snack than yogurt in the afternoons. And in a month or so I’ll be breaking out the crockpot to make my pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast, so no more yogurt for awhile.

But this will definitely have to stick around for the winter, and maybe I can find warm, winter-creative ways to use it.

If you live in Ottawa county (or other places in the West Michigan area), Illinois, Indiana, or Wisconsin, check here for a list of "Who Sells It".

Some of my personal favorites would be Harvest Health in Hudsonville, Mainstreet Beanery in Zeeland, JP’s Coffee & Espresso Bar or Shaker Messenger in downtown Holland, Byron Center Meats in Byron Center, and Peter’s Imports in Grandville. But the list is long, so be sure to check it out and find a location near you!

If you don’t live in West Michigan or it’s not carried locally, you can order online here and Mike will ship it to your door! (Tell him I sent ya. You probably won’t get a discount, but it could be fun anyway.)

Follow Good Life Granola on Twitter and "Like" them on Facebook!

How do you use granola in the winter? Apple crisp? A topping for sweet potatoes? Please share your ideas and recipes. And Mike, if you’re out there, tell us how YOU use it! (We want to keep you in business!)

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