Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Homemade Noodles and Company

Last November my husband and I traveled to Indianapolis for our son's final year of Grand National Marching Band Competition. We had a blast walking everywhere and eating at restaurants we don't have at home.

One of the places we enjoyed was Noodles and Company. They have a huge selection of healthy noodle dishes to choose from and the prices were very reasonable ($4.49/small bowl; $5.59/regular bowl; +$2.50 for protein). The atmosphere was enjoyable, and probably made more fun by all of us crazy band parents who took over downtown Indianapolis!

I had this Indonesian Peanut Saute', which I didn't realize was the spiciest thing on the menu when I ordered it, but it was fabulous!
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Last week I wrote a post for my Nostalgic Tour blog, Super Bowl and Indianapolis where I talked a little about our trip. In my usual manner, I linked to other websites wherever I could. When I looked up the website for Noodles and Company, I noticed we have one on the north side of Grand Rapids! Yay!

Saturday I surprised my husband and we went to Noodles and Company, Grand Rapids style. (They don't look busy, but we were there at 2:00, not exactly lunch hour.)

I had Bangkok Curry with broccoli, carrots, red pepper, onion, mushrooms, cabbage and a sweet coconut curry sauce with rice noodles and black sesame seeds. Look at how gorgeously healthy that is! (And a table in the sun wasn't the best idea for taking pictures, but the warmth sure felt good!)

My husband had The Med Duo, a chicken flatbread sandwich with mushrooms, spinach, red pepper, cucumber, onion and a "zippy" dressing, with Tomato Basil Bisque. He loved it!

Monday morning I sat down at the computer to dig through some of my favorite websites to find something new to make for supper. (I tend to get stuck in a rut.) But while I was looking I kept thinking about (and craving) the Bangkok Curry. I even considered driving 25 minutes across town to bring some home for supper. Then I realized that I could make this myself. It wouldn't be hard to chop and saute' a few veggies!

Rats...I forgot to get an onion

I bought an 8 ounce container of mushrooms but didn't use all of it. Next time I will. (I sauteed them separate from the other veggies.)

I got rice noodles at Family Fare for $3.39, but when I stopped at Harvest Health on my way home I found the same brand for $2.99. I used half of a 14 ounce package for the three of us to eat.

I bought coconut milk with the idea that I would make my own coconut curry sauce, but as I searched recipes on the web, I realized I probably didn't have all the right ingredients. As time ran short I went out to see what was on World Market's shelf to bail me out.

I found Patak's Korma Curry, Creamy Coconut & Spices. It wasn't as sweet as the Noodles and Company sauce, but it was very good. ($3.99 at World Market)

Homemade Bangkok Curry! I impressed myself, it was so good!

As you can see, it is a very colorful, healthy dish. The only thing that could make it better is farmers market veggies in season from my local farmers! (And maybe that sweet coconut curry sauce from Noodles and Company!)

The total cost wasn't much more than if I had made the drive across town, and it fed three of us instead of two, and I do have a little bit of the vegetables left over that I can make omelets with!

If you're feeling creative or adventurous, check out the great interactive menu at Noodles and Company and see what you may be able to modify at home. And if you are fortunate enough to have a Noodles and Company in your neighborhood, go check it out!

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